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The creation of this web portal was the idea and is the result of much work by Gary Gregson, retired Lieutenant and CNT leader from the Sacramento Police Department. Gary left the Department in 2004 with 29 years of service, 11 of them as the CNT leader. Gary’s practical exposure to crisis negotiations events and his involvement in producing training in this discipline led to his recognition of the value for continuing education of crisis negotiators as well as the importance of interaction with our colleagues around the globe.

As we hope all visitors to the portal can see, the objective is to have an active and useful site which can fill multiple needs primarily, although not necessarily only, for crisis negotiators.

We wish to emphasize the word primarily, however: our target audience is crisis negotiators, our peers and colleagues, including tactical operators, command personnel and those in first response positions, as well as professional resource providers, from whom we seek assistance and to whom we wish to make available all possible resources to serve their needs. We assert that this is long overdue.

Getting this portal up and running was an ardent task, improbable without the support and assistance of several very enthusiastic practitioners of crisis negotiations, all of whom have the common experience of being crisis negotiations trainers, oftentimes with each other, in varying combinations.

Jim Barker, also formerly a Lieutenant was the crisis negotiations team leader with the San Diego Police Department. Jim retired in 2004 with over 33 years of service, with 14 years as their NT leader. Jim’s last assignment was as the Commander of the Domestic Violence Unit and helped develop the country’s first Family Justice Center, a multi-service site to meet all possible needs for victims of partner violence. After retirement, Jim helped establish similar Family Justice Centers throughout the U.S.

Tim Hunter, Sergeant (Retired) from Sacramento PD, was a negotiator for 15 years and left SPD in December, 2007, after 28 years of service. Tim has been an active delegate of the California Association of Hostage Negotiators including Northern California Regional Director and the Conference Coordinator for CAHN. As well, Tim is an active mentor with the California POST, Supervisory Leadership Institute.

William (Bill) Kidd retired as a Sergeant/Inspector with the San Francisco Police Department in March, 2005 after 35 years of service, and over thirty of which were also as a negotiator. He is currently an Extra Help Deputy Sheriff in the Court Security Unit of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, is an active member of their HNT, and also serves as the Administrative Coordinator of the California Association of Hostage Negotiators, of which Bill is a long time member and past president.

Collectively the staff of Negotiator Central has amassed practical exposure to nearly a thousand crisis negotiations events in their careers. This expertise is partly what drove the inception of this training portal and what will continue to drive our passion for this opportunity for years to come.


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