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Considered by many to the “The Bible” of crisis negotiations. A must have for any negotiator, and CNT units. Authored by frequent NC contributors and members, Michael McMains and Wayman Mullins.
A unique perspective on the Beslan school takeover. A must read for negotiators.
Terrific team training video on suicide issues. Captivating film.
Offers insight into the mind of the troubled teen in a school setting. Great intell gathering info.
Authored by a fellow NC member...good coverage of the basic essentials.
Collection of actual suicide notes . Amazing insight into suicide. Written by former negotiator.
Accounts of a career FBI negotiator and SWAT member.
For the crisis negotiator, an examination of the impact psychological issues have on negotiations.
Dr. Vivian Lord's review of the phenomena with a collection of cases worthy of a negotiators read.
Gary Noesner, a friend and contributor to NegotiatorCentral, tells the tales of his negotiator experiences with all the flair and detail we've come to know and enjoy. A must read for our membership!
The story of the school seige at Beslan, Russia on Sept. 1, 2004.
This book for crisis negotiators contains thirty different training scenarios that cover the gamut of mental illness and personality disorders, as well as common situations that lead otherwise ordinary people into desperation. There are full instructions on how to set up scenarios and work with role players in these multi-layered practicals. Negotiators, tactical teams and command are engaged in many scenarios allowing for CNT to build upon intra-agency relationships with other critical incident responders. Terrific training resource.
Hostage/Crisis negotiations is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs in law enforcement. Crisis Cops will put you into the action, whether it be a bridge jumper, hostage taker or suicidal subject. These are the origin stories from the early beginnings of Hostage/Crisis negotiations throughout the country. From New York to Los Angeles you will see how Hostage/Crisis negotiation evolved into the art form that it is today. some of these stories may make you laugh, cry or sweat bullets. This isn’t what you see on television, these are real stories, from real negotiators who have saved hundreds of lives throughout their careers. You will hear how their teams got started, what hurdles they had to overcome and most importantly you will hear stories from the negotiators that were there in the moment.

Good book for developing training scenarios for crisis negotiation teams.