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We specialize in the development and sales of Hostage Negotiator Throw Phone equipment. Our product line is a blend of high technology, portability, and end-user compatibility. If you are looking to buy or upgrade your Throw Phone equipment, we would like to show you what we believe is the best Throw Phone system on the market. It has many useful features and was designed by a hostage negotiator for hostage negotiators. Best of all, it has features that provide real-time intelligence and threat assessment to tactical officers and command personnel.
We back all our equipment and components with a five (5) year warranty and unlimited 24/7 tech support.

Because many features on our ENT Call Box are classified and for law enforcement us only, you may only view the product line on this website after proving you are an authorized law enforcement representative, and have received a password to proceed.

In order to receive your password, you must do the following:

Fax us a request for additional information on department or agency letterhead and a photocopy of your credentials. 308-235-4070 Fax

Or call us directly at 308-235-4020

We apologize for any inconvenience, but once you see what our ENT Call Box system can do for you at the scene of a field crises situation, you will have a better understanding and appreciation for the extra security measures we have taken in protecting its features. We hope to hear from you soon.